Use generative AI for digital capital mining

About Digital Capital Mining

The concept of digital capital mining is simple yet powerful. Yet, it is incredibly difficult to accomplish. The essence: to speed up the effects of compound interest.

I traded billions in the stock markets in my prior attempt at digital capital mining. Human emotions & flawed technology got in the way… Digital Capital Mining needed to be automated by algorithms.

In my years of tradings stocks and financial markets, staring at the charts watching minute by minute price movements and volume fluctuations, an awareness of trading patterns based on inflection points emerged. I also made many mistakes in the process and learned critically important lessons from each mistake.

I have unique gift for pattern recognition in addition to having a formal training with my Bachelors of Finance in Business. Then there’s the 10,000 hours of fully immersed trading experience.

So without giving away the secret sauce on how to accomplish digital capital mining, I’ll just say that predicting when the price is going to revert is actually more predictable than most would think or conceptualize.

The bottom line is by developing DCM systems which can capture X% of digital capital daily, the effects of compounding have now been amplified by speeding them up 250X.
Want to know what that does to returns?