At CapitalGenn, we have pioneered an evolution in the realm of digital capital mining, a concept both revolutionary and immensely profitable.

Understanding Digital Capital Mining

Digital capital mining may sound complex, but at its core, it is about amplifying the benefits of compound interest. Traditional methods often involve human judgment, which is susceptible to error and emotional decisions. Our founder, Benjamin Ogden, has experienced these pitfalls firsthand, trading billions in stock markets. It became evident that the future of digital capital mining lay in automation and precision — thus began our journey to develop autonomous trading agents.

Our Unique Edge

  • Pattern Recognition: Our founder possesses a rare talent for recognizing intricate trading patterns. It’s a naturally gifted skill honed further through rigorous hours of monitoring the daily action of price movements and volume fluctuations.
  • Extensive Background: Bolstered by a Bachelor’s degree in Finance in Business, our founder’s insight isn’t just intuitive but rooted in solid educational grounding.
  • Invaluable Experience: With over 10,000 hours submerged in real-time trading, he has not only identified strategies that work but have also gleaned invaluable learnings from each misstep.

Our Proprietary Approach

While the specifics of our methodology are proprietary, we can offer a hint: predicting price reversions is more feasible than the general perception might suggest. Through meticulous research and development, we’re building DCM financial trading agents designed to capture significant percentages of digital capital daily. This approach boosts the benefits of compounding, enhancing them at a rate unprecedented in the industry — to the tune of 250 times!

Witness the Potential

Curious about what this means in terms of returns? We invite you to experiment with our proprietary DCM Calculator. Experience firsthand the potential of our massively profitable model.

Partner with the Future

CapitalGenn stands at the forefront of a financial revolution. By infusing generative AI with in-depth market expertise, we’re creating this new process of digital capital mining. If you’re an investor seeking to diversify into a venture that offers both innovation and substantial profitability, your search ends here.

Join us. Let’s create wealth, intelligently.

Trading/Investing Experience


On and off Bitcoin trading with a specialty in selling BTC short.

My journey into crypto trading began when I purchased 10,000 Ethereum (ETH) at $13 each in 2017.

I should have held onto them for much longer than I did.

That has no effect as CapitalGenn will be using AI agents and algorithms to reduce the cost function and iteratively self improve.


Full Time Trader (the first attempt at Digital Capital Mining)

I Traded Billions of Dollars in stocks 2010-2012

I studied finance as my major at the University of Central Florida. This where I first learned of the simple yet effective way to consistently beat the stock market with select ETFs (SPY & QQQ).


Dynamic Capital INC

Buy and Hold investing in QQQ & SPY

In my first decade of investing in the financial markets I beat the markets most years by simply purchasing the QQQ & SPY ETFs during each market dip. This was so easy and simple, I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it.

How to beat the markets (for the average investor)

  • First of all, do not day trade.
  • Do no try to predict intraday price fluctuations.
  • Do not bet on earnings reports.

It is too complex and incredibly difficult.

Instead, you simply buy two holdings:


These are established & secure ETFs for the NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes. Buying these two ETFs provides you have sufficient diversification in financial instruments that historically go up ~12 year.

You don’t try to find the top or the bottom and you don’t trade daily, or even weekly.

Buy and hold

Then, the last piece of the puzzle is to only buy into the market 2 to 3 times per year – every time the market drops.

That’s it, truly that simple!